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Eurasian Holiday Property Forum — 2018

пл. Сбербанка, 1, Краснодарский край, Россия, 354392


holiday property forum

Eurasian Holiday Property Forum. 31.05 — 03.06.18

Dear participant of the Eurasian “Holiday Property Forum-2018”,


When you register, you get a badge. We ask to wear it at all events of the Forum, as access to many of them is limited to outsiders. Please note that Gala dinner for delegates (full delegate package) will be organized at the expense of the Organizing Committee of the Forum. All events of the Business Program of the Forum will be held in the resort of Gorki City, in the hotel «Corporate Center of  Sberbank *****». Opening Ceremony of the Forum, Conference «Actual features of the resort real estate market», training and play program on the 1st and 2nd of June — in the Ballroom of the hotel. Work Shop HPF — in the lobby of the restaurant «Gotsbi».




10.00 — 17.00 WELCOME!

Registration of  Forum participants at the registration desk of the Hotel «Corporate Center of Sberbank *****»

— for previously arrived and registered at the Forum — an inspection of the surrounding area and a guided tour on the cable car.


17.00 — 23.00 SURPRISE!

Evening of Mysticism and Mysteries, as well as a fabulous dinner at a visit to the Sorcerer, in the city of Sochi …

  • Departure and arrival to the partner’s hotel «Corporate Center of Sberbank *****»
  • For those who arrived in Adler airport in the evening: you can immediately come to dinner at the address: Staraya Matsesta, Malaya Street, 2.
  • Please confirm in advance the desire in the registration form, the number of seats is limited!
  • surcharge for the transfer + dinner = 1500 rur. Without transfer 1000 rur.




10.00 — 11.00 WE’RE WAITING!

Registration of newly arrived Forum participants at the registration desk of the hotel «Corporate Center of Sberbank *****»


11.00 — 11.30  INTRODUCTION!

The Opening Ceremony of the Eurasian Holiday Property Forum — 2018. Venue — Ballroom of the Hotel «Corporate Center of the Savings Bank *****»

— B2B Work Shop. Introduction and acquaintance with new objects and partners.

The venue is the lobby of the Gotsby restaurant next to the Ballroom.


11.30 — 13.00 WORK!

Conference «Actual features of the holiday property market».

ATTENTION: at the entrance you need to present a badge.

13.00 — 13.30 NETWORKING!


13.30 — 15.00 DISCUSSION!

Continuation of the conference «Actual features of the holiday property market»

15.00 — 16.00 LUNCH!

In the restaurant of the hotel «Gotsbi» there is a discount for the participant of the Forum — 20%.

16.00 — 18.00 PERFECTION!

Incendiary training of Tatyana Kuznetsova «Oratory skills. Rules of public presentation. Voice as a business tool «;


How to speak to be heard?

Oratorical skills:

  • The ability of an individual to express himself through his own speech;
  • Ability to be a good interlocutor;
  • Rhetoric skills help get rid of the complexes and clamps that are common to many people;
  • A good speaker is almost always a strongly pronounced leader;
  • The monologue of a good speaker can convince the audience of anything.

The art of eloquence is not given at birth. Like any science, oratorical skill can be mastered by almost anyone. There are certain methods for this.

Convince others to do what you need, and think like you are the ultimate goal of any speaker.

11.00 — 18.00 B2B Workshop exposition;

19.00 — 22.00 SPORT & NETWORKING

  • «Welcome Sport Style» party, the dress code is free;
  • Welcome cocktail & buffet, bar — 20% discount;
  • A master class on golf, everyone can try to become a golfer and that’s NOT MYSTICK!
  • Venue: Golf Club of the Partner Hotel » Corporate Center of Sberbank*****»




10.00 — 18.00  B2B Workshop exposition;

11.00 — 14.00   GAME!

An exciting business game «Forge of Mastery from Tatyana Kuznetsova»:

     The meaning of life is in life itself. The purpose of life is to get pleasure from it! Life guide — self-realization!

     When the situation becomes conditional, it occurs according to the logic of the possible. Thus, the game becomes a means of modeling (at the concept level and at the level of action) new conditions of professional reality (including extreme ones), by searching for new ways of performing activities. The game simulates various aspects of human activity and social interaction.

It is suggested to take part in a business game and pass by yourself and realize the level of your capabilities:

A business game is a «suitcase» with tools that you can take out from this event, and start working in your own smithy, increasing your skills.

A business game is an analysis of a situation in which feedback and a time factor are included.

A business game is a group exercise to develop a sequence of solutions in artificially created conditions that mimic real practice.

A business game will help you get to know your colleagues, hear useful tips, share experiences.

A business game is an imitation model, which is designed to study the processes of relationships or business processes.


A business game is a kind of system for reproducing your own skills, necessary in communication with people. You have addressed them in the past, or perhaps in the future you will need them. As a result of applying to this knowledge and skills you can realize the need to fill them or develop for yourself in your own mastery.

We work in teams, solve problems, solve cases of practical situations, analyze, compete and enjoy the communication and the game!

Tatiana Kuznetsova: Master of Business Administration, MBA degree. Specialist in forming the skill of speaking and voice.

Expert on the development of negotiation skills.

Expert for predicting people’s behavior.

Head of the Training Center «AREVERA — Real Estate»

14.00 — 15.00 LUNCH!

In the restaurant of the hotel «Gotsbi» there is a discount for the participant of the Forum — 20%.


15.00 — 17.00  WORK!

A unique training «Combat sales» from Alexander Kopytko:

  • Profiling in sales;
  • Combat NLP;
  • Manipulation and counter manipulation.

It turns out that people around us are different. We learn to recognize psychotypes and language of nonverbal behavior. We master the «chips» of communication with different types of customers. How to find out whether the Client or the Secrets of influence on the decision making in the negotiations. Accept the client as he is, and he will remain with you forever!


Alexander Kopytko:

Certified expert-profiler, polygraph specialist, trainer of specialized programs, professional negotiator.

Experience of 15 years in personal safety, experience with the country’s top officials;

The head of the electoral companies of the State Duma, the Legislative Assembly, the City Duma, the assistant to the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation;

Professional poker player, mafia player;

More than 1000 hours of corporate and open trainings and seminars were held, including individual consultations. Over 3 years of professional activity, more than 1000 people have studied.

Huge practical experience of corporate trainings for companies in real estate, security, wholesale and retail trade, in the field of services for large network operators of food service. Advising and conducting training sessions for the political party headquarters, candidates for deputies and deputies of political parties.


18.00 — 22.00 RELAXATION!

Evening in the SPA. Rest in the best SPA of the resort *****


The luxurious SPA center with a total area of ​​2000 m2 offers:

  • 9 massage rooms;
  • Indoor swimming pool with panoramic windows and stunning views of the mountain slopes (track length 25m, depth 1.4m) with children’s area, water temperature: adult 28-30C, children’s (33cm) 30-32C;
  • Jacuzzi, Finnish sauna, steam room, Turkish hammam,
  • vitamin bar;
  • beauty salon and recreation area, massage therapists work from 9 to 22 hours;
  • gym. The hall is equipped with everything necessary for playing sports indoors — free weights, power equipment, treadmills, etc.


ATTENTION: at the entrance you need to present a badge.




8.00-17.00 JOURNEY!

Business tour around Sochi and Adler real estate objects (plots, new buildings, investment projects, settlements). Departure from the hotel — «Corporate Center of Sberbank *****»


In the restaurant «Gotsbi» – of the partner hotel «Corporate Center of Sberbank *****» will begin the official Gala dinner «Way to the top» for the delegates of the Eurasian Holiday Property Forum.

The program includes a banquet, an entertainment program, awards and diplomas. Dress code: Cocktail


ATTENTION: at the entrance you need to present a badge.

  • Адрес: пл. Сбербанка
  • Город: Сочи
  • Штат/страна: Краснодарский край
  • Страна: Russian Federation